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Laminate floor installation in Loule done by qualified specialists

Experienced floor fitters to help you finish your laminate flooring project

✓ Free on-site survey and quotation available

✓ Get your scratch and water-resistant floor installed by true experts

✓ 100% guaranteed service and expert maintenance advice

✓ Quick and hassle-free laminate floor installation

✓ Fast response time across Algarve

✓ Bringing all necessary tools and supplies upon request

Get your laminate floor fitting in Loule in 4 easy steps

1. Choose what time fits you best and book a service online. Request an on-site survey by filling the online booking form

2. The floor fitting expert arrives at your property to discuss your project and provide a no-obligation quote.

3. After you choose a day that suits you, the specialists will arrive to perform the laminate floor fitting.

4. Once the job is done, you can enjoy the cosy appeal of your new laminate floor, installed with the utmost quality.

What do we do as a part of the laminate floor fitting service in Loule?

Step 1. Project estimation

Before starting any project, our laminate floor installation experts will come to your property to evaluate the work required, including inspecting the subfloor and identifying potential underlying issues, as well as suggesting appropriate materials. They will also discuss all the particulars with you and offer a free estimate.

Step 2. Preparation of the sub-floor

Before installing laminate flooring, the experts will inspect the sub-floor to check for any unevenness or damage. If the floor is uneven, it may need to be leveled prior to installation. They will also ensure that the floor is clean and free of dirt and debris to ensure that the laminate lays perfectly.

Step 3. Underlay installation

The following step involves the installation of an underlay which acts as a protective layer between the sub-floor and the flooring. The underlay also serves to safeguard the laminate flooring against moisture and reduce unwanted noise.

Step 4. Laminate floor laying

The installation of laminate floors involves the use of click-lock boards, which eliminates the need for adhesives, nails or staples. This flooring solution is much more affordable than other options. The experts will use the appropriate flooring installation technique to properly fit the laminate boards.

Step 5. Finishing touches

After the installation is completed, the specialists will add finishing touches such as laminate moulding and trimming to achieve a seamless and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the room.

Why entrust your laminate flooring installation to Property Maintenance Algarve

Expert laminate floor fitting

The professionals we collaborate with are highly skilled and dedicated to their craft, always striving to achieve outstanding results. They possess the expertise to bring your project ideas to life in the most efficient manner possible. These experts are knowledgeable about the quality of materials and can provide you with valuable advice based on their experience.

Free quote and on-site survey

We recognize that fitting a floor can be an expensive undertaking, and that’s why we strive to offer you as much transparency as possible. Our laminate floor fitting service includes a complimentary consultation before the installation. Our nearby floor fitters will conduct a thorough evaluation of the flooring condition and offer you a definite, no-commitment estimate. If you are content with the quote, you can effortlessly book the service online or fill out the form on the spot.

Suitable for both business and domestic clients

If you are considering upgrading the flooring in your home or office, laminate is a versatile option that can add significant value. The professionals we work with can provide you with expert laminate floor fitting services, as well as a range of other flooring services to meet your needs.

What are the benefits of laminate flooring with  Property Maintenance Algarve?

Hygienic and easy-to-clean surface – Regular cleaning is effortless with laminate flooring, requiring only sweeping and mopping once a week. Furthermore, the smooth surface is hygienic and ideal for people with allergies, as dust and allergens have nowhere to hide.Modern laminate floorboards are scratch and water-resistant thanks to the tough wear layer that protects the surface from everyday wear and tear. Additionally, their water-resistant qualities make them suitable for installation in kitchens. While laminate flooring is known for being durable and scratch-resistant, accidents can still happen.However, you don’t need to worry about replacing planks, matching colors, or disassembling the entire floor just to replace a single board. With the innovative laminate floor scratch repair service, you can save time and money while achieving flawless results that make scratches, dents, stains, or discolorations invisible.The appearance of your flooring ultimately depends on how it was installed, making it highly advisable to seek professional fitting services. Although the process may appear simple, there are specific details that only an experienced fitter would recognize. Certified laminate floor fitters in Loule possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to prepare the underfloor and assemble the laminate boards, utilizing the appropriate installation methods and tools.

F.A.Q. about Laminate floor installation in Loule

A: Yes, laminate flooring is compatible with underfloor heating, but it is important to follow specific guidelines. The maximum temperature of the underfloor heating system should not exceed 27˚C, and the system should be turned on gradually, allowing the flooring to acclimate to the temperature changes. Additionally, it is crucial to check with the laminate flooring manufacturer for specific instructions and recommendations to avoid any potential damage to the floor.

A: Yes, laminate flooring is a suitable option for the kitchen due to its durability and ease of maintenance. It can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use and can be installed with the right underlayment to protect it from excess moisture and noise.

A: Leveling the floor is highly recommended before installing laminate flooring. Although it’s technically possible to install it on an uneven floor, doing so can cause the floor to bend and bounce when weight is applied, leading to damage to the locking system and gaps between the boards.

A: The lifespan of laminate flooring varies depending on various factors. Typically, laminate flooring lasts between 15 and 25 years on average. With proper maintenance and care, it is possible to extend the lifespan up to 30 years. Factors that impact the longevity of laminate flooring include the quality of the installation, the material used, the level of foot traffic, and how frequently it is maintained.


A: No, laminate flooring is not waterproof. It is important to understand the difference between “waterproof” and “water-resistant”. Laminate is designed to be water-resistant, which means it can withstand some amount of moisture and spills. However, if water is left on the surface for an extended period, it can penetrate the flooring and cause damage.

A: Yes, underlayment is necessary for laminate flooring installation. Laminate is a floating floor, meaning it requires a durable layer of support underneath it. The underlayment provides stability for the laminate boards, keeps the locking system in place, reduces noise, and protects against moisture. It is essential to consult with your floor installation specialist to determine the most suitable underlayment for your specific project.

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